Candidate Services

“Let  Our Success Be Your Success”
The Wire Resources’ inventory of positions available throughout in the Wire & Cable Industry  is far more expansive than the total of all other search firms combined. Since 1967, WRI has  been responsible for the placement of thousands of industry executives, middle managers, and key individual contributors.Our client base includes manufacturers of non-ferrous and insulated wire & cable, cable assemblies, fiber optic, and interconnect products as well as the distributors that represent their products. Since the late 1980’s , we have become increasingly more involved in assignments from equipment manufacturers and suppliers to the cable industry.  We conduct searches for a broad array of clients, from start-up  ventures to established, multi-billion dollar, multinational corporations.Our four principal areas of expertise are Executive, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, and Engineering. Our arena is worldwide.Our efforts take us far beyond simply matching the obvious qualifications of a candidate with the client job prerequisites. Companies have specific goals and ambitions, a certain character, a personality, just as people do. We believe that matching the right candidate with the right company is both an art and a science;  it requires matching corporate culture with a candidate’s personality. That’s where WRI excels;  employing  prudent application of both art and science. We don’t simply fill slots, we lay the foundation for and perpetuate careers.

We know these corporate cultures as a result of decades of recruiting, tens of thousands of  phone calls and personal interviews, and comprehensive information gathering. We know where the action is, which companies are content with break-even while others seek to be industry leaders. We know their policies for relocation,  compensation and promotion – who looks to promote from within.  We know their turnover and why. We conduct honest exit interviews, sometimes long before they actually occur; honest reasons why employees leave, not reasons given the employer – which augment the depth of understanding we cultivate about companies in your industry. We know the reasons why some companies lose good people and others gain; why candidates want to work with one employer but shun another.

We can’t place every candidate with industry experience. But we can provide every candidate with an honest appraisal of his or her marketability;  strengths – or weaknesses – address those areas where added expertise  and skills will enhance their ability to meet their career objectives, to become a candidate in demand, one who is sought after. Those candidates that possess the qualifications the industry is seeking don’t look for jobs, the jobs look for them!.

Additional services performed include:

  • Resume consultation
  • Interview preparation
  • Compensation appraisal